An Ode to Silly Projects

One of my biggest problems in filmmaking is... filmmaking. I never end up doing it, and this is for multiple reasons. Aside from working a full-time job and shooting weddings on many weekends, there's always the constant flow of random crap life brings in to get done. Like Netflix.

But my biggest barrier to getting things made is that I don't want to make something if it's not a project I really believe in. I end up writing and writing and writing, but never end up with a project that I feel ready to pursue. I figure that, if I have very little time for personal projects anyways, why would I waste time doing a silly project?

A couple weeks ago, however, I thought about looking up the 48-hour Film Project just to see when it was coming to Chicago. By total happenstance, it was happening that weekend. I spent the whole week deliberating and asking people if they were interested, but in the end decided against it. Because of family issues, because of life, I didn't think I'd be able to have the focus that would be required for it. Plus there was almost no one willing to do it, including actors.

BUT... my buddy and I decided to just shoot a silly shortfilm on our own. I literally wrote it in my head as he was packing stuff up to head over to my apartment for a movie, and ended up texting him to bring some changes of clothes. We shot that night, a little bit the next day, and then a little bit more the following day. And even though it was a silly/cliché shortfilm, it was a blast to make, and really good practice. It made me realize that I really need to just make stuff

So hopefully I'll be able to keep that perspective, and churn out some more films than I have over the past couple years. Most of them probably won't be amazing, but hopefully they'll help give me the practice I need to make a really amazing shortfilm at some point.

Anyways, without further ado... here's "Crumble.