C4D/Sculptris Learning Update

Well, here's the update to the dragon: http://youtu.be/2kyT3D7WnVo

I redid the head a bit, then recently decided I think I may place him in a junk-yard... kind of an odd modern-day dragon or something. 

To this effect, I added a rusty chain around his snout. I figure I will eventually make it wrapped around more and/or locked, then have him open his jaw and break it apart. I did pretty successfully rig his jaw, but haven't had time to get to the chain breaking part yet.

The other big thing I did was create an eye with inner-lids. I still actually wanted to add a normal upper lid as well, but I think it looks pretty cool as it is anyways. I removed the background too, as I didn't have time to get a good looking junk-yard set up. I'm thinking I may model a junk heap, and have him rise out of it with pieces falling and whatnot. That may be a bit ambitious though.