This was edited as a submission for the Imagine Dragons - Believer Editing Challenge

Maddi Jane - Dark Horse (originally by Katy Perry)

Music video for Maddi Jane's cover of "Dark Horse" produced by The Lens Darkly. Attribution: Concept Ideation, Shooting, Directing, Editing 

Shot entirely on a single Canon 60D in about a 4-hour timeframe.

Thrill of Hope

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices... This is an idea that has been sitting in my head in these last few days leading up to Christmas, and thanks to some willing friends I was able to complete it. We shot Friday and Saturday evening, then it was edited on Sunday. Featuring a live performance of O Holy Night by Maddi Jane, with Sam Gryzwa on cello (Because I have basically zero audio editing skills, the sound you're hearing is essentially what came straight from the audio recorders I put on the musicians.)

Kevin Marble - Live EP "I Am Only Me"

Kevin Marble asked me to produce a few videos for the live-recording of his new EP, "I Am Only Me". Really happy to work with an excellent musician, as well as the talented Mark Somerville of The Wave Shop ( who produced the music!

Check out Kevin Marble's website at, you guessed it,