Thrill of Hope

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices... This is an idea that has been sitting in my head in these last few days leading up to Christmas, and thanks to some willing friends I was able to complete it. We shot Friday and Saturday evening, then it was edited on Sunday. Featuring a live performance of O Holy Night by Maddi Jane, with Sam Gryzwa on cello (Because I have basically zero audio editing skills, the sound you're hearing is essentially what came straight from the audio recorders I put on the musicians.)

The Fragile Season

My creation of personal projects has been a little stagnant, so I decided to just get out and shoot some fall footage. Woke up at dawn and filmed for a few hours, spent some time writing, and then my gracious and talented wife was willing to record the voice-over with me.

Written and Shot by Stephen Takashima

Music by David Christensen-Finck

Many Are One 

The rights to star in this video were auctioned off at the staff auction for Sudan at Summit Ministries. It was shot and edited in about a day and a half. 60D, canon 50mm 1.8, tamron 17-55mm 2.8


Sometimes love crumbles. Starring the one and only Ricardo Suave. ------------ My friend was coming over to watch a movie Saturday evening, and we decided to make one instead. I made my wife play his girlfriend. Was it weird? Yeah, kinda.



A personal, abstract contemplation on divided desires within one's self and identity. (For the best experience, listen with headphones in!)

Written, shot, and edited by Stephen Takashima.

Wonderful audio-engineering by Camden and Colson Barkley. Check them out at:

Featuring: Andrew Wagner OV: David Christensen Equipment: Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.8


This was originally made as a fun call-out to some students at Summit Ministries summer camp. I removed the opening text and changed the closing text so that it can stand alone. Shot on a 60D, 50mm 1.8